I’m 32 years old, and was just diagnosed with “moderate sleep apnea”. This is the third diagnosis I have received. The first was when I was 19 or 20, and i had an AHI of 85. My doctor wanted to remove my tonsils before doing anything else, as they were HUGE, blocking 80 percent of my airway. I had that awful surgery, and got a little bit of relief.

I’ll never forget how angry, and rude to me the sleep clinic got when I told them I was not interested in CPAP at this time. It really damaged my faith in these places, and I felt like they didnt care about treating patients – only selling CPAPs.

Snoring and fatigue continues to be a problem, but I was biased now. I eventually went in again, but the cost of a CPAP, and my life situation at the time led me to not even pursue it at all.

A decade of feeling like crap, and wanting to sleep all the time, a decade of girlfriends that couldn’t sleep in the same room as me, a decade of “YOU STOP BREATHING WHEN YOU SLEEP GET CHECKED OUT”, and a decade of waking up gasping for air (often accompanied by dreams of drowning) still didnt do it for me.

I am an amateur(aka wannabe lmao) bodybuilder, and a squad leader of a tactical riot team. I’m a fairly large guy. Maybe I’m just compensating for my 5’7 height, but I decided I would grow a bit further this year in an attempt to enter a competition towards the end of the year. I usually am around 220lbs, and I reached 245. I became bed ridden. I dragged myself to work, and I dragged myself back to bed. My snoring became unbearable. I would get home from work, sigh, look over at my bag sitting in the front seat, and decide it was too much effort to bring up the stairs. My snore lab scores were 210 and higher.

After a couple weeks of not even having the energy to cook my meals, I was back down to 225. I was back to feeling “normal” again, but I decided that this normal isn’t good enough. My snore scores were still around 150. I went and got another sleep study, and got an AHI of 25. I skewed the results slightly I think, because I do this weird thing in my sleep where I get in almost a plank position, and use my fists as a pillow for my face. It seems to help my breathing. Its uncomfortable as hell, and I could never fall asleep like that, but I seem to manage to get into that position in my sleep once in a while.

I have chronic rhinitis, which also doesnt help my sleep quality, but I keep it at bay with a ridiculous protocol (double dose of nasal steroids, double dose of allergy D 3x a day, and 2x daily nasal rinse). As well as a little anxiety/insomnia – I fully wake up every hour unless I take an ativan or something before bed, but I dont like that so I rarely take it.

I’m 5’7, 225 lbs, with a 20 inch neck.

I get my trial machine on Tuesday… I sure hope I can get some relief soon.

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