I know it sounds silly but as we all know, a lot of doctors are absolute assholes who dont even look you in the eyes when they “diagnose” you. Tomorrow I’m turning in to the clinic for tests(one of the few in the area that does any sleep studies) and honestly I have no idea what methods they use there. Can you give me hints on what should I push those doctors towards? Their apparatus and procedures might totally miss the target I’m afraid(totally plausible), and the health care’s discount on a CPAP is not something I want to miss out on, because that will either help, or I dont have the condition, so to speak… sorry if that’s sounds ignorant but the reality is, as a younger person, I got screwed over by the negligence of doctors so many times I have to resort to exaggeration and being a PITA to them.

My symptoms are not severe but very typical: -dry mouth morning -bruxism -morning headaches -lethargy, lack of energy, this feeling of low oxygen in my system…. -cant seem to wake up rested no matter how long Ive slept. 9 hrs is like a minimum. Thanks!

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