I often see questions about sleep apnea in context with other sleep habits, so it may be useful to establish some fundamentals to get restful sleep and wake up energized. Number 8 is specifically for snorers.

Here are the 10 fundamentals for restful sleep:

  1. Consistency — a consistent sleep routine seven nights a week, give or take an hour.

  2. Sleeping when it is dark; being awake when it is bright outside.

  3. Only spending as much time in bed as is necessary for sleep.

  4. Avoid caffeine in the last six hours before sleep and avoid alcohol in the last four hours.

  5. Avoid exciting activities, arguments, problem-solving, planning, video games, and intense physical exercise close to bedtime.

  6. Permit your mind to feel safe and secure — nothing and no one requires your attention while you are sleeping.

  7. Pay attention to your physical comfort and sleep environment — such as room temperature, bedding and covers, mattress, pillows, and your bed partner’s needs.

  8. Snorers sleep better on the side, with the head slightly elevated.

  9. Avoid sleep aids. All chemicals that forcefully switch your mind off have harmful long-term effects, whether socially acceptable, over the counter, or available by prescription.

  10. On the flip side, do not obsess about sleep. Do not track sleep all the time. Desperation, effort, and frustration are the biggest enemies of sleep.

If you have any questions or would like me to make a video on a topic, leave a comment below. I record videos on youtube weekly and also publish tips here. Feel free to reach out — I’m happy to help.

– Amer Khan, MD

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