This is complete guessing on my part but just looking back on my life where things changed and how I physically felt. I suspect I had sleep apnea even in highschool, always the mornings, late for school, insomnia, but otherwise I was a happy healthy young man.

Stupid me, I started smoking cigarettes at 22 years of age. I mention this because quite quickly I became a pack a day smoker and one night of really hard partying when I was 24 I smoked two packs in one night and woke up with my throat really sore and feeling swollen. I thought I overdid did and cut back on smokes for the week, but the feeling in the throat persisted. I went to the doctor and he checked my blood work and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I asked if smoking excessively did this to me and he said possibly. I may have been genetically predisposed to it but the excessive smoking may have pushed the condition.

I mention all this because this is when life went downhill. Sleep got much worse, dark circles under my eyes all the time, dry pasty white tongue and most disturbing to me as a young man, my sex drive started plummeting.

I complained to my doctor numerous times and he said thyroid levels are fine. I went to a couple of Endo’s but their sole suggestion was to go on testosterone. Something I didn’t want to do as a young man.

Fast forward to my 40’s and when I quit smoking finally I put on weight for the first time in my life. I went from 200 to 260. Now I was gasping for breath during the night and all the fun things that go with sleep apnea. Got diagnosed with OSA, struggled with cpap, bit the bullet and did mma surgery while on paper looks like a success, I still feel run down, no energy, and no sex drive.

I’m focusing a little more on my sex drive this post as I want to hear from others as this has destroyed a big part of my life and have been alone for years.

And for years I blamed hypothyroidism as that’s when my life changed, then I thought could it be sleep apnea, now I wonder could it be the combination?

Regarding hypo, numerous studies have looked at why 15-20% of treated patients continue to exhibit symptoms despite good tsh levels. I wonder if sleep apnea could exasperate the situation or does one feed the other so to speak?

Some studies have said there is a higher incidence of hypothyroidism among sleep apnea patients and vis versa.

Anyway, just wanted to hear anyone’s thoughts. Any of you have hypo? Did any of you lose your sex drive? Did CPAP/treating hypo bring it back? Or was testosterone the only option?

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