Hello All, I’ve been on CPAP for 5 months now. My in-lab sleep study had me at an AHI of 7 (mild sleep apnea). CPAP has been going fine (I’m used to it and have noticed an improvement in my fatigue). I used to be constantly fatigued. My nightly AHI now has been under 2 consistently (on average it’s actually under 1).

Slowly but surely I’ve started to become fatigued in the afternoons. Usually after a two hour nap I’m good to go again. I’ve also noticed night sweats and nighttime bathroom trips slowly start to re-appear. According to Apple Watch data, I am still not getting more than 90 minutes deep sleep a night.

At this point I’m not sure if my afternoon naps are the result of sleep apnea issues or poor sleep hygiene (breaking the afternoon nap habit). Somewhat at a loss for what to do now. My hesitation in reaching out to my doc is knowing that the process takes so long and he’s likely to say something like “let’s do more tests” which only increases the time and cost factors.

If I need to go to the doc, of course I will, but wanted to poll the collective wisdom of the group to see if there were any tips or ideas you might have to offer given my situation.

Thanks for your time.

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