As far back as I can remember I’ve had shit sleep, never feeling rested no matter how much I got and trouble falling asleep. Atleast when I was 13-14 this excessive tiredness came out of nowhere and then when I was 17 all these symptoms came out of nowhere, cognitive issues and all sorts. Recently had testosterone came back at 9.8nmol which is the average of an 80 year old apparently. I am sick and tired of living like this to no end. I have a deviated septum that has had me congested as long as I can remember that is being corrected soon next month. But I also have a deepbite/overbite that will need correcting, I think I remember the dentist or ortho saying it was an 8mm overbite. Fingers crossed will get that on insurance.

I sleep on my stomach now and can only sleep on the side that my nostril becomes congested for some unknown reason. Can not sleep on my back as my lower jaw recesses and doesn’t feel comfortable. I do have a receding chin as it is. The doctor I spoke too are convinced after all this it isn’t sleep apnea and maybe chronic insomnia as I don’t fit the criteria because I told them I dont snore. I’m a little overweight, I also have the beginning of digital nail clubbing as well, at 27 years of age. Years of brain fog, low libido, no drive, cant concentrate. I sometimes think am I permanently damaged and can this be reversable? the doctor says the clubbing can.

I’ve lost all my best years of my twenties to this, ten years of googling symptoms, nofap and all other shit. My parents understand but low key is sick and tired of me with all these symptoms. I can barely function at all.

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