I challenge you to come up with something other than sleep apnea, because i am 85-90% sure i have either UARS or Apnea. If i did snore/gasp for are i would be 95% sure, although i know these symptoms aren’t always required.

I’m waiting for my in-lab study as my home study was 2.2 AHI and 96% saturation. Blood work okay except for inflammation levels through the roof (8 times more than 2 previous tests).

  • Nocturia (waking up 1-2 times on average IF i stopdrinking 3 hours before sleep)
  • High inflammation levels in blood (sleep deprivation causes inflammation)
  • Headache when waking up
  • Nasal steroid reduces headaches by 80%
  • Almost all ADD related problems (brain fog: concentration/memory/willpower etc)
  • Extreme fatigue (like i barely can prepare/shop food)

Can any of you come up with something other than sleep apnea with this combination of symptoms?

I appreciate any of your responses!

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