I realized this week I was waking up earlier than I’d like with a stomach ache. My poor intestines felt like they were filled with air. Now, I use the resmed airsense 10 and it is on auto btw 4-7. I have severe apnea, yet it is controlled with lo pressure. Been doing this over 12 years. Anyway, husband (who uses the ASV) says, maybe you don’t need it anymore. Now, he’s the reason I knew I had apnea and made me get tested. I was falling asleep at lights and bad stuff, but he noticed I wouldn’t breathe and would get cold. He was tired of thinking I was dead. So fast forward to last night. I always start to sleep on my back, and I thought hell, I’ll wake myself up snorting right away. I didn’t. I slept my normal 4 hours and had to get up to pee. Came back and switched to left side. After 2 hours (normal) I woke up to flip to right side. But I woke up laughing. I’m 50. I’ve never in my life woken up laughing. I mean, I am very happy, but who is that happy? Anyway, woke up at a decent time with no tummy ache. Asked husband if I snored and he said I was silent all night.

So…. going to try it again tonite. Maybe a 40 pound loss has “cured” me?

Thoughts or ideas? I can’t exactly set the cpap lower than 4.

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