Ever since nov of 2017 I’ve been in a permanent state of depersonalization/derealization. I feel that I’ve lost my identity and my sense of self and feel like I’m on autopilot all the time. The only time I feel semi-safe is in my room on my bed nestled underneath blankets. Even then I still experience symptoms. Just recently I went to a sleep specialist and was told I most definitely have OSA and wants me to do a sleep study which I’ve scheduled for 2 weeks from now.

I’m scared to get my hopes up in case I’m wrong, but the idea that all this time it could just be sleep apnea is giving me a sense of euphoria. Can anyone relate and tell me how if you were to go through similar symptoms as I am going thorough how does it feel now that you’re recovered?

Please keep this positive I don’t want anything to dampen my spirits at this point because I am trying to stay hopeful. I know that brain damage can be reversed from sleep apnea and I truly believe that for the past three years I’ve been living in a dream like state because of my brain never getting enough oxygen.

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