So I’m an actor and I was doing a commercial with a top sleep apnea specialist, they needed someone heavyset so I applied and got picked. Doctor looked down my mouth and told me I should really get checked for sleep apnea. He was really done to Earth, “dude you should get that checked out” and that really stuck with me. I struggle to sleep at night and sometimes am tired all day but I just though that was because I was a night owl. I never woke up struggling to breath which is what I thought sleep apnea was.

But what really stuck with me was he talked about a study that was done:

they took 50 overweight people and put half on a calorie deficit treated the other half for sleep apnea and of course the people who got treated for sleep apnea lost weight. Which is crazy because calorie deficit is the number one way to lose weight. Of course there are other factors like, what if they worked out – lift weights like I do.

Since the pandemic started in march til maybe August I was working out 3-4 times a day and eating well. My friend said I looked slimmer but I kept looking at myself and felt like I saw no results. I told myself maybe I should finally look into getting treated because I hate looking at my overweight body.

I contacted a sleep clinic and they told me I need to get recommended to them first by a primary doctor, I can’t walk in. I’m scared to go to a hospital because of corona.

Does anyone know of this study? Should I visit my primary doctor and see what they say? I would feel embarrassed if at 29 I would have to sleep with that mask, but maybe if it helped me lose weight, I wouldn’t need it for more than a year or two until I got healthy.

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