Hello everyone i’ve just recently found out that i have many symptoms of sleep apnea.back in February i went to a Otolaryngologist for a throat issue i had for around a year and a half;the issue

i had was that when i would eat i sometimes have food parts stuck in my throat and i get it out by tightening my throat.the doctor told me it was nothing but my tonsils being a little bit tight than usual and prescribed me some magnesium/b6 supplements.there were 30 tablets but i only had about 15 each night 2 hours before sleep . now this was also around the time i was going through caffeine withdrawal,i have been drinking coffee for about a year.when i stopped taking the supplements i noticed some emotional/mental issues(sudden panic attacks,confusion,mental fatigue etc…) and also i noticed

a heart / breathing issue where i feel a annoying odd sensation in the heart and i keep taking long

breaths frequently,it was torture. i also noticed that sleep felt odd and i would wake up 6 hours after sleep and find it difficult to get back and just lay in bed half asleep. now at first i thought is this

caffeine withdrawal symptoms ? but it’s been more than 25 days after i stopped drinking coffee and i didn’t drink strong coffee anyway so there was no way it would last so long.from march 1st to march 15th i was suffering with the heart/ breathing issue and the mental issues until i started searching for sleep related disorders and found out sleep apnea then it hit me that maybe the tight tonsils may be causing it,i remembered that back when i was not on caffeine and had the tonsils issue i had similar symptoms of sleep apnea so maybe coffee was giving me energy and was dealing with some of the sleep apnea symptoms.i decided to start gargling warm salt water and surprisingly it worked and the

heart / breathing issue would just keep fading away until it disappeared,however the only difference i noticed in sleep quality was that i started dreaming again.i don’t know what to do now, i can’t go to a doctor due to financial problems and i still have these mental issues daily now.if anyone could help i would be grateful.i’m sorry if this doesn’t make any sense,as i am writing this i feel tired and confused.

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