Hey 👋 I’m a 27y F who was diagnosed this year. My cpap has been delayed another day. And I’m starting to lose my grip. I’m mistyping things left and right (a problem as I’m a writer and editor) and I’m having trouble constructing sentences. I’m too tired to try and fight for my cpap and my night terrors have gotten to the point of having me scream and thrash in my sleep. Also I’m having weird incorrect memories. Eg: I remember finding red writing that wasn’t mine in my journal. But I went to check and there’s nothing. My short term memory has gone to hell. And I’m in so much freaking pain.

So, all of that said. How did you guys cope when you were diagnosed pretreatment? All tips welcome EXCEPT: the normal crap drs give me about sleep hygiene and losing weight. My sleep routine is solid and I’m working on my weight.


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