Hey people,

I am a male 25. I have been really tired for a long time. When I was 18 my gf of that time said I stopped breathing in my sleep. That didnt suprise me, because I waked up sometimes gasping for air when I was around 16. It was however the first concrete evidence I had. I dont know how long I am tired, but I do know that I used to fall asleep in middle school. When I was 21 I finally had enough. I failed university, because I kept falling asleep while studying and had a hard time finding my rythm. The hospital visits were slow. In the end I had mild sleepapnea. I also have a slime problem when waking up, dont know if that is related. When I was 22 I started with braces and in march 2020 my operation was planned. It got cancelled because of corona. I wasnt mad about. I am way to tired to get salty and I am mostly indiffrent, not always. It was along time before I heard anything. I decided to let a specialised doctor look at my nose. 2 months later I had a surgery to remove polyps, infected slime and a correction of the middle wall of the nose. The surgery was a succes, but I still felt tired and slime was still an issue. Because of the surgery I couldnt have my jaw surgery. I got a call after the surgery for the jaw operation in november of 2020, but had to plan it at a later date. So I planned it in januari 2021. It got cancelled 4 days before hand. Again I wasnt mad, but it really demotivated me. I had hoped the energy would help me with my thesis. I didnt get anything done related to school. I am in my last year. Beginning of march I got a call that the surgery was planned april 2021. That really motivated me to finish the part of my thesis that was due march 31. I had to transcribe 8 interviews. Really low intensity, but I managed to do it because of the operation date. I want to move on with my life, instead of standing still all the time. Tomorrow is finally the date. I worked years towards this. I am not scared of the operation, only of the results. I hope it gives me the energy that I want.

Ps the symptoms that I have are: – tired – sore muscles – headache – disoriented
– chestpain – slime in throat and nose when waking up.

On another note I stopped dating when I was 18, because I didnt have the energy to invest time in to someone and i didnt think that was fair towards the other person. All my friends are people that are assertive in relationschips and keep in touch with me or force themselfs in my life. I am happy they do. I wanted to post this just to relieve the frustration of the last years.

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