I got my CPAP last summer and tried my best with it. I have a couple of non-apnea related sleep issues (sleep anxiety and severe insomnia due to bipolar). It just didn’t work out.

Along the way, I did more research and considered both surgery (expensive – $7k for me) and an oral appliance. For one reason or another, I’ve written both off.

I also had to stop taking my sleeping pills along the way because I was doing things in my sleep (sleep reddit, sleep cooking, thankfully not sleep driving). But now my psychiatrist has prescribed something to replace that as he’s worried about my lack of sleep (haha!). This is designed to keep me asleep the whole night so I don’t keep taking the mask off.

Soooo….tonight I switch the CPAP back on after having cleaned it and tested it yesterday.

Hopefully in a few days I can report back that I’ve nailed it and maybe even inspire a few other lurkers to use their CPAP.

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