It’s commonly acknowledged that sleep apnea can lead to or exacerbate high blood pressure.

What is less commonly known though is that the relationship is likely reciprocal. Untreated hypertension can make your sleep apnea worse, which in turn makes your hypertension even worse, making the whole thing a vicious cycle. This can make you feel miserable and hopeless.

I (subjectively) experienced this because a month ago I finally taken up treatment for my high blood pressure, which is now within healthy range of 110-120 sys (used to be constantly >135). Just a week ago I had a 3-day streak of not taking the medicine just because I forgot to and my wife instantly was talking about how bad my snoring is and how she just realised that I haven’t been snoring since medicating my hypertension. It’s gone as soon as I take the meds again. She even said I haven’t been snoring at all, instead purring like a kitten.

This led me to read up some materials which gave credence to this theory, although it’s not as well studied and established as the opposite relationship (that OSA causes HTN).

As a background, I have never taken a sleep study as after losing a significant amount of weight and by sleeping sideways I stopped having apnea events and my daytime driving sleepiness is completely gone. On Epsworth’s scale I don’t qualify for a sleep study, but I still snore (and and my BP wasn’t lowered at all. I understand this is relatively mild and ambiguous circumstances but I hope this info can help anyone in a similar situation.

TL;DR: If you have an elevated blood pressure, please get it treated. Who knows it could improve your apnea.


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