I already posted this on r/sleep but I’m cross-posting here in case anyone has any ideas.

Has anyone else experienced sleep disturbances this bad? But with no daytime sleepiness and SEVERE anxiety?

For the past two months it’s been difficult for me to sleep more than two hours each night. The kicker is I don’t feel tired in the morning when I only sleep for two hours, I just feel like I’ve damaged my brain or something. I’m forgetting things I didn’t used to and such.

For instance last night I couldn’t go to sleep until 6:30am, I was tired when I did, but woke straight up two hours later at 8:30am and I’m not tired.

I’ve been to 10,000 doctors for this and all my digestive issues that started at the same time and none of them can figure out what’s wrong. Have been tested for a pheochromocytoma, which is an adrenal gland tumor that can cause similar symptoms and that was negative. Who knows if it was accurate though because the urine was left out.

Anyway I’m just looking for anyone who may have had a similar experience. As I said I’ve been to so many doctors and none of them have been able to help me. I took benzos to sleep a few nights, but last night I didn’t take them and experienced horrible rebound and I do not want to become addicted or dependent on benzos for sleep. My psychiatrist is being cavalier about it but I’ll forgo sleep before becoming addicted to benzos.

Could this have started as a benzo rebound in the first place? I was taking a vaginal valium suppository for a bit but not every night. Also was taking fluoxetine, stopped for a few months, and am now taking Zoloft. My psychiatrist wanted to put me on an anti-psychotic but due to family members with schizophrenia I declined.

She told me that anxiety can’t cause sleep disturbances this bad.

For the past month I’ve also have LPR and wake up a scratchy throat every morning. Lost my sense of taste over the last month. All of these symptoms started so fast, I’m miserable and no doctor has been able to help me.

Medications I’m currently taking:

  • Zoloft 50mg
  • Ativan sometimes
  • Just started vitamin D
  • Simethicone every night because I need it


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