Hey all.

Results from my sleep study said I had 82 events an hour so here I am. I got my BiPAP Friday night and I’m starting to notice a pattern. I have a Resmed P10 for a mask and a Dreamweaver BiPAP with auto settings that seemed to settle on 12.

I feel way different than I expected. Every one of these two nights like clockwork I would fall asleep, and dream very vividly, only to wake up 45 minutes to an hour later. I did this maybe 3 times a night. AHI is 1.8

I feel wide awake when I do so, most of the time I can’t go back to sleep for a hour or more. But then after an hour or two my eyes would burn. Apnea headache is gone and energy is up, which is nice, but my body seema to crave more sleep only hours after feeling wide awake.

Is this normal for a newbie on BiPAP/CPAP? I feel like I’m not getting any deep sleep at all and I’m incredibly sleepy hours after waking.

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