I got my cpap about 2 weeks ago after being diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have a history of sinusitis and sinug surgery. I also have REALLY narrow nostrils and sinuses. Sleep apnea has been destroying my life. I have two jobs and am very into physical fitness. But I am making lots of sloppy mistakes at my jobs due to fatigue and due to lack of exercise and willpower I am getting fat. I need to get this solved, I feel like a zombie all the time, I can’t live like this. When I put the cpap on I feel like I don’t get enough oxygen. I am on my 2nd mask and I still feel like it is this. way. Both of my masks have been over-the-nose since I am worried about a full mouth and nose mask making my nasio-label folds worse. I do a neti pot with xylitol, saline and budesonide as well as azastelline and Flonase nasal sprays, I also take Allegra D for my sinus congestion. I just got back from the ENT and all they recommended was more sinus surgery to fix my deviated septum and trim down my turbinates etc but I can’t get in to even talk to that Dr until May. Please help, I don’t know what to do, I feel like my life is spinning out of control.

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