In my earlier post, I mentioned that side sleeping has changed my symptoms from fatigue and brain fog into constant anxiety and low mood/anhedonia.

I went ahead and got another home sleep test with the Watchpat device while sleeping on my side, just to check if my sleep apnea was cured (getting a bit too optimistic here).

Here are the results from my earlier in-lab study:

Here are the new results from the Watchpat:

The high RDI surprised me since I felt pretty well-rested in the morning and didn’t experience any tiredness during the day. But from all that I’ve read here, it does seem to explain my symptoms.

So it does look like I’ve graduated from OSA into UARS. Not sure if this is a reason to celebrate, since I still feel terrible most days..

In the meantime I also got my CPAP (Resmed 10 Autoset) with nasal mask and a 5-15 pressure setting. However, I couldn’t make it work so far. It seems hard to exhale against the pressure (even when the pressure is as low as 5), which gives me even more anxiety and wakes me up. And somethings I try to breathe through my mouth, which by the airflow I realize I’m not supposed to do, also waking me up.

Any suggestions how I can make the CPAP work? Would Bipap make a difference if I’m already having trouble exhaling against a pressure of 5?

I’m also thinking about seeing a psychiatrist and taking some anxiety medication to see if it helps.

Thanks a lot for your help so far!

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