This is an update to this post:

THANKS TO EVERYONE who replied to my post above. And a HUGE shoutout and special thanks to Dr. u/sleepdoc_earlybird who reached out and DM’d me directly to set up an appointment with her free of charge to talk about my concerns and explain them. This subreddit is truly awesome!

The doc basically looked at my facial skeletal structure and did one of those sleep questionnaires through her service and suggested I was a candidate for mild sleep apnea or UARS and need a Watchpat test. Since she’s in Cali she couldn’t prescribe a test or anything so I had to do it through Lofta which is a different service that sends at home test kits and then analyzes your results for you. Well, I got my results two weeks ago and guess what! I have mild sleep apnea specifically:

> Obstructive Sleep Apnea (G47.33) – Mild based on pAHI =4.5 pRDI – 17.5 and O2 nadir of 90%

Throughout my entire night of sleep I only had 7% in REM stage, where the recommended is at 25%, so that might also explain why I felt so damn tired all the time even though I slept 8-9 hours a night.

The most important thing I learned is that you have to trust your gut, if you feel there’s something wrong with you and the primary GPs say you’re fine, you gotta keep looking for second or third opinions. I was so lost and confused and felt like none of the doctors I spoke to actually understood the complexity of sleep medicine and thought I was just paranoid. I know I kinda sound like an ad at this point but I’m gonna plug u/sleepdoc_earlybird one more time and her EarlyBirdHealth because she’s the GOAT at this stuff imo, Stanford grad and published research etc etc u get the point lol.

Now I just need to figure out the CPAP situation and get the right test for me, I am actually sooooo excited to wake up and feel the feeling of being refreshed after a night of sleep. I haven’t felt that in years and didn’t think it was possible. Thanks everyone!!!

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