I originally made this post a month ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/SleepApnea/comments/e368xd/just_got_diagnosed/

Here’s an update.

So after about a month of using CPAP (got the machine on December 16th), I found that I had no problems getting used to actually wearing the mask, and the machine is whisper quiet; the fan in my room (that I have to keep on whenever I sleep or I get WAY too hot; even just sleeping with a flat sheet in the dead of winter) is louder.

I sleep with it consistently, and yet I find I need even more sleep (12-13 hours) to feel fully rested, and sometimes even then I still feel exhausted. Yet last week, I had a really bad cold/sinus infection, and was unable to sleep with the mask on because of the pressure on my face for a couple of days so I didn’t use it. I woke up after 8 hours feeling like I had the most restful sleep ever. I’m using the machine again after my sinus pressure went away, but again I sleep for much longer and I wake up feeling like I haven’t rested at all.

I don’t understand. I’ve been doing some reading, and I heard that the requiring more sleep bit can happen to some people. But I’m not sure how I can wake up feeling exhausted when using the machine, but feel well rested when I don’t.

I’m on a range between 4-20cmH20 (from what I understand, that’s the entirety of my CPAP’s range), but with the stats that I can see on the screen it seems that the machine hasn’t gone above 4cmH20.

The mask I was set up with is an Airfit F20 full face mask. The supplier was out of other masks on the day I had my setup/fitting.

Should I call the RRT about this? I don’t have a followup appointment with my sleep doctor until March.

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