Hi this is an update to my previous post here. First of all wanted to thank everyone who commented, I got so much helpful information and read every comment even if I didn’t get a chance to respond to all of them.

After I made this post I continued to bring up the issue with my husband and he agreed to to do the lofta home sleep test and get a machine if necessary. We just got the study results back and I really wish we had done it earlier. I was pretty sure it would be bad but it seems the results are even worse than I imagined. We are going to order a machine right away. I wanted to ask you guys if the machine he was recommended is a good choice or not.

Test results:

AHI: 92.1 per hour/510 total (5 hrs 32 min sleep time)

RDI: 92.1 per hour/510 total (5 hrs 32 min sleep time) (side note, is it normal for AHI and RDI to be exactly the same?)

Oxygen saturation:

Minimum: 51%

Average 85%

20.5 minutes total at under 70% O2.


395 min @ >40 decibel, 269 min @ >50 decibel, 217 min @ >60 decibel.

85.51% light sleep, 14.49% REM sleep, no time in deep sleep at all.

We are going to call the sleep coach asap to discuss the results and treatment. I guess my question is, he was recommended the Airsense autoset 10 by so many redditors, and he was not recommended this machine by the doctor. He was instead recommended the AirCurve 10 VAuto CPAP Device which is a bilevel CPAP. They said to set max IPAP 25, min EPAP 6, PS 4 cm H20 heated humidity and mask.

The aircurve is about $1500 instead of the 600$ for the airsense autoset. Is it really necessary to go with the aircurve over the airsense? I understand his is very severe and we are willing to go that route if the lower model won’t work for him.

Edit: We did end up getting the aircurve for him. I thought the bilevel was supposed to let you set a different pressure for inhale v exhale but did not realize that the bilevel also allowed higher pressure settings so we agreed. He was Rxed 25 but the airsense only goes up to 20.

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