Hey guys,

I have had sleep apnea for some time now and have been treating with CPAP. I have never considered CPAP the long term solution for me as the discomfort it give me during sleep, however, my sleep and energy levels have gotten significantly better.

I went to the surgeon about this and was advised i have “an extremely narrow throat” lol. The surgeon went on to recommend UPPP surgery which i have booked in for a couple of weeks.

I am now wigging out about the surgery as i have a few articles and research papers on it – i have realised i havnt spoken to anyone who has actually had this surgery so i thought i would try here.

If anyone has had the surgery;

– How was the experience – are the any long term consequences that you didnt consider prior top surgery ?

– Are dry throats and sore throats a regular and inconvenient ?

– Trouble swallowing or throat feels different etc ?

Also i have realized that because i saw a surgeon of course i was offered surgery as opposed to anything else like a mandibular advancement splint (the mouthguard to keep throat open)

Can anyone elaborate on their experience with these and if they would be suitable over UPPP ? are they effective etc ? … considering i have an “extremely narrow throat”

i dont really want to have to get a throat cut open if i can fix it with a mouth guard lol.

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