If you have central sleep apnea (without congestive heart failure), what was the most effective treatment for you? Does anyone know if a pulse ox device than can be worn during sleep and send alerts out to family if something is wrong?

My dad is in his 60s and lives alone. He has had central sleep apnea severely. His brain simply forgets to tell his diaphragm to initiate a breath. He has been on both CPAPs and BPAPs in the past, but currently just uses a CPAP.

Unfortunately for my dad, he also has a host of mental health issues. Occasionally to the point where his brain shuts down after becoming overwhelmed(pseudoseizure) and central apnea kicks in, which has resulted in me having to call 911 and even being instructed to begin CPR due to his respiratory rate. He will only take in about 1 breath every 20-30 seconds. It can take a lot to wake him up when he gets in this state. Sternal rubs, shaking the hell out of him, you name it.

He has been complaining of increased sleepiness/hypoxia feeling lately so his neurologist sent him in for another sleep study which showed that his brain stopped sending the signal to breath over a dozen times an hour. They are working on a new plan of treatment since the CPAP is basically useless. Not sure if they will try BPAP or something else now.

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