So I have no definitive diagnosis of sleep apnea (either obstructive or central) yet, but I have spoken with a sleep doctor about getting an at home test done and they approved me for one this weekend.

While I anxiously await the test, I am starting to notice more “prevalent” side effects of what I believe to be sleep apnea.

They are (in order of severity, worst to so-so):

  1. Focus- holy crap, I feel like I’m almost ADD positive over here. It sometimes takes me about 5-6 seconds to register and reply to what someone says. Sometimes they’ll say something and if I’m not actively paying attention, it flies in one ear and out the other. I’m not so much having issues with memory, but I have noticed that I’m not doing great In that area either. Kind of bothers me when I think about it. Is this normal?? Also odd, some days are better than others with this, some days I’m flying through thoughts while others I’m chillin. In this post I almost submitted it with the numbers labeled out of order for example.

  2. Mood Swings- hate this. Anxiety has been the biggest thing to keep at bay. Aside from that, there are moments of depression or anger. It varies throughout the day, but in the end it’s hard to ignore how much of an impact it has on my thinking.

  3. Lightheadedness- I feel off kilter, sometimes a little dizzy. It varies day to day and usually gets better in the evening/nighttime, but it is hard to ignore sometimes. Does anyone else experience this?

  4. Fragmented sleep- happens 4-5 nights a week, I either have trouble staying asleep, waking up in a panic/sleep paralyzed and can’t breathe/ or I wake up 3-4 times in 2 hour increments. I have noticed irregular breathing on occasion or feeling shortness of breath and anxious.

  5. Vivid Dreams – not too often nightmares, but definitely way more vivid dreams than I’ve had before. Sometimes anxiety inducing but not too bad.

  6. Daytime Tiredness- feels like I’ve been starting at a screen for 8 hours straight reading the dictionary, and that’s upon waking up. It does help me to fall asleep better if I am tired throughout the day though. Catch 22?

  7. Odd “Episodes” – very strange but they do happen, not too frequently though maybe 1-3 times per month. Each time, I wake up consciously but I’m still asleep (sometimes I “dream” I have woken up in my surroundings), I cannot move, I am very anxious/panicked, I can barely breathe, and sometimes I feel like I am tense and shaking. After “waking myself up” from these experiences, I feel like I have a headache, shortness of breath and unfocused. Has anyone else ever experienced these episodes? These were the first signs that indicated I had a sleep problem.

Anyways thanks for the read, sorry it was long. Just some feedback on if these are typical symptoms or not would really help. I do have pre-existing anxiety in the form of OCD-Spectrum thinking (catastrophic worry). But I really would like to hear some stuff on anyone’s thoughts or similar experiences. Any advice is also appreciated.

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