I really need your guys help. I usually go to sleep later than I’d like, my phone is keeping me awake most of the time, but that’s something I’ve been working on. I never had trouble falling asleep, although staying asleep for more than 7h is rare for me even if I want to.

However , the last 2 days i can’t stay asleep for more than 5 min. I wake up not being able to breathe. I’m writing this now, 1.30 am because I can’t sleep. I don’t get it, this came out of nowhere and I feel so frustrated and defeated. So to clarify, it’s not that I wake up gasping for air 2 or 3h into my sleep, it’s that i’m gasping for air as soon as I FALL asleep!

I’ve read about central sleep apnea and I guess that’s what this is? And the only way to go about this is trying to get a sleep study done and than a mask or something of the sorts? Perhaps make an appointment with a doctor first to be able to rule out whatever? Im guessing there will be waiting time, so what do i do about my sleep until then? I just don’t get this, never had any problems like this and bam, here I am. Oh and by the way, I’m soon to be 30 years old, male , 160lbs , if anyone was wondering.

Do you guys have any tips or anything of the sorts? I’d appreciate it.

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