Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if this fits in here but maybe you can give me some advice.

I’ve had 3 sleep studies in my life, 2 full on stay overs and one take home.

To give a context of duration, even as a young boy<10 l’d be told I “hold my breath while I sleep”

I sleep terribly light and get about 4.5 hours of sleep jolting awake, if I do sleep for more than that I am very foggy all day.

The tests have come back as mild 3-4 each time but I requested a cpap given the developments (explained below).

about two-three and a bit years ago I started to notice that my limbs would feel weakened upon waking from a nap. My memories are fading and things are getting much worse in the short term as well, but was relatively consistent until recently.

About 6 months ago, I started waking up gasping for air and unable to inflate my lungs. The first time was the worst as my body was still half paralyzed and I couldn’t speed up my breathing. Hanging of the size of my bed, for about 30 seconds which felt much longer.

Each time it’s about 15-20 seconds to regain my breathing, but each time is extremely uncomfortable.

A number of times since, I have woken up with the same feeling, rapid pulse, panic and this lung paralysis almost like in sleep paralysis when you’re conscious but can’t move but more so with my breathing.

Is this a symptom of apnea? Have any of you experienced this before?

Nothing seems to help position wise, although laying in my back is worst.

I ’m waiting on my benefits to process the Cpap, and they’ve messed it up twice now so I do want to make sure I’m not chasing the wrong illness(?) and get the help I need.

Thanks all

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