My work is really stressful but fun and requires a lot of attention.

Last few months I’ve been feeling tired all the time, with major grogginess. I’m 32, 5’8, and about 160lbs. I started snoring a few years ago as I started gaining weight. I don’t wake up gasping for air. I’ve done some studies on the app and it showed I barely slept well. I snore a lot now and move around as well. I finally got approved for a full sleep test however I think it was botched. The day before the test I suffered a high ankle injury and was in major pain, when it came time to sleep the night before the test I passed out strong. I still did the test the next day. After i got my results 2 weeks later the doctor said I have mild sleep apnea but nothing major, he also said I barely snored and had good sleep. I feel like the injury had me exhausted and knocked me out so somehow it wasn’t the same. For about 1 week after the injury, my wife said I’m starting to snore again really bad so it tells me i should have waited to take that test after I felt better. Anyway…it’s been 1 month now and it’s getting worse. I keep trying to take naps but my energy levels are down the drain, my brain is struggling to focus.

I thought about just ordering a machine on repap and trying it out to see if it would help or do a whole new test from lofta however I feel like their test won’t be as good as the one i took but part of me doesn’t care and want’s to just try the cpap and see if it’ll help this grogginess feeling to go away.

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