Wore a pulse oximeter last night.

Haven’t been diagnosed with SA yet. So I usually wake up 7 to 8 times throughout the night and last night I checked my pulse oximeter each time I woke up.

It’s a Pulse Oximeter from.the NHS hospital (I’m from UK) and it’s very accurate. These things cost around £400.

So each time I wake up I feel a bit groggy ans takes me.about 15 seconds to check my pulse Ox. I check it and see my BPM is around the mid 70s-mid 80s (it was mis 50s as I was drifting off to sleep).

My spo2 however always read as 97%-98%, I guess I could never “catch” it quick enough. The spo2 levels on the monitor seem to be a lot quicker to change than the bpm numbers.

However one of the times I awoke the spo2 read 93% before quickly changing up to 96% but the heart rate was around 83bpm.and dropping.

Does constantly waking up to a high heart rate indicate SA?

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