Per the title, the s/o wakes up with a jolt, feeling like she ‘just sprinted’ and ‘was being suffocated’ several times a night, most nights lately. This is giving her insomnia and has gone several days without more than an hour or two of sleep.

We’re really not sure what’s going on, the doctors we’ve seen are so overloaded that they just send her away with drugs and say things like ‘maybe it’s in your head’ and point her to other specialists whose wait times for appointments are 1-2 months out… btw, this is the USA if it wasn’t already obvious.

I recently watched her fall asleep and it dawned on me that she may actually have cessation of breathing. She doesn’t snore, is definitely not overweight, and doesn’t seem to fit the bill for obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea does make some sense.

Any helpful thoughts or suggestions would be welcome. I’d love to just go to a doctor but that’s all but impossible and, at more than a month into this roller coaster, I’m getting desperate.

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