I recently bought my own home sleep study (WatchPat) while waiting for my doctor and insurance company to fight out getting an in-lab study performed, it was eventually denied and I had a second home study performed (Apnealink). I did the second study when it was eventually approved just to compare results as the Watchpat only detected 39 events per hour when I used to be 59 per hour previously. Winds up, Apnealink detected the same exact rate of 39 per hour… I guess the tonsillectomy I had a few years ago for a different reason helped somewhat.. but more interesting is that the results were identical on both machines.. so if anyone wonders if one is more accurate than another, at least in my case, they were identical. Now to fight for the titration study which the doctor warned me will most likely be denied too. Is there such a thing as a home titration study?

I started using a new machine a few weeks ago but had to stop due to issues sleeping and crazy work hours, but that’s going to stop this weekend and I’m going to pick it back up…

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