So decided to take the plunge and get a sleep study done. They have a new app that connects you to real docs to get diagnosed and treated virtually.

For me, I’ve had anxiety disorder for 10 years now and been on SSRIs since. With that half the time they work, the other half not.

Over the years I’ve had weird sleeping patterns, many I cannot sleep on my back whatsoever. I randomly jump up like I can’t breathe or like I’m falling so I always have to sleep on my stomach.

Naps are the weirdest part. Since diagnosed with anxiety I have the need to nap a lot but when I do it’ll be for hours and when I wake up I feel short of breathe for a while, sometimes like my ears need to pop and feel very hungover like and want more sleep. I know at one point I practically slept 20 hours straight.

Now a days I sleep like a baby but I’m tired a lot during the day time. Specifically afternoons, evenings I have a second wind and usually feel tired around midnight. I sleep til about 8:30 daily without interruption, but many nights my anxiety is also the worse, even on multiple anxiety meds.

Sometimes I start to fall asleep and I instantly jump up and feel like I need more air. Sometimes my anxiety is just overall high alertness and any noise makes me jump in bed.

Wife says I don’t snore loud much but my feet move A LOT sometimes I talk as well. Some nights I have dreams I remember and I wake up an erection. Other days no erection, don’t recall dreams much and those are my lousy days of down mood and anxiety.

Anyone go through similar stuff ?

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