I went in to see what has been going on with my sleep. I was convinced that I have sleep apnea. I was initially given an at home sleep study and was told I had mild sleep apnea. However, in the lab it seems like I didn’t have a problem with sleep apnea at all. AHI of about 1.

However, I have all of the classic symptoms. The biggest one is the morning headaches. Anyway, I just got the results back and it the doctor wrote in a way that made it seem like there was no concern. But I still have some questions that I’ll ask here first and then him our next appointment.

My first big concern is that my stages of sleep are very strange.
My N1: 6.3%
Normal: 4.4%

My N2: 84%

Normal: 45.5%

My N3: 0%! (I’m in my early 20s)

Normal: 20.8%

My REM: 9.8%

Normal: 28%

WASO: 20.9%

Normal: NA

It also noted my longest obstrucive hypopnea event was 67 seconds long. And my sleep latency was well over an hour.

The main culprit I believe may be periodic and spontaneous leg movement. Around 8/hr.

Is there anything strange about this?

Thank you!

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