Long story short my insurance wouldn’t cover a new cpap so the clinician suggested I contact the American Sleep Apnea Association who sent me a Resmed S10 humidifier tank, heated hose and a mask for $100.

It sounded like a bit of a gamble since they’ll ship you a “lightly used” unit but you get whatever they happen to have. I was tested on the Resmed S10 Autoset so I asked if they had any and could I get one. They were really great and told me they could ship me one which they did the same day I paid the $100 fee. I haven’t used the unit yet but I turned on and it looks like it has 243 hours which is too bad.

Overall I’m pretty happy since I was expecting to pay around $300-$500 for a used unit.

Just want to post about my experience since it might help other people who can’t afford pay for a new unit out of pocket. Good luck all!

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