So I’ve been using my CPAP for just about a year and by and large it’s been great. I feel soooo much better than I did in the years prior to starting to treatment, but reading this sub has shown me that I presumably could be doing much better. I’ve seen people on here say that their AHI is always <1 when using the machine and I’ve never been close to that level of consistency.

My best results with the machine came this winter when I was routinely around an AHI of 5, usually a few points higher, occasionally a few points lower. This summer, and especially this past month, has brought me my worst results as my AHI has been over 10 most days. It’s the worst I’ve felt since I started using the machine, and I’m not quite sure what has changed. I can’t use OSCAR so I’m limited on my info, but here are some stats from my sleep last night which has been a typical night for me recently:

Usage: 8:08 hours

Mask Fit: 100% (it’s always 100%)

Total Clear Airway Apneas: 11

Total Obstructive Apneas: 43

Total Hypopneas: 39

AHI: 11.5

Any ideas for things that could be going wrong or things I could try switching up?

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