This has been a question bothering me for some time. I am 19 years old, male, Asian. I am not overweight and have no family history of any diseases of sorts. I eat healthy and exercise regularly.

I have had mild sleep apnea for 10 months, ever since I came back from college due to COVID. While it’s mild, it is still taking a physical toll always having unrefreshing sleep and requiring 10 hours of sleep. After doing blood tests, everything came out normal except elevated bilirubin (diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome, which is mild liver disorder).

Everyone is telling me it is anxiety and stress from going off to college, but isn’t it peculiar that I still experience these symptoms, even after 10 months have gone by?

I do breathe through my mouth while sleeping (deviated septum), but I have breathed through my mouth for many years while sleeping, so it’s strange that I experience symptoms just now.

I plan on doing a polysomnography to get a better diagnosis of my sleep issue.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

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