I just woke up at 05:37 in the morning to my girlfriend choking, gurgling and what sounded like growling. She had a large amount of spit coming from her mouth. I know she has told me before she has sleep apnea but i have never seen or experienced it. It scared the fuck out of me and I can still feel my heart beating out of my chest. I did what i thought seemed right by moving her head so the spit wouldn’t clog her throat. But her eyes were rolled up and she was still growling or gurgling and shaking. Once that had settled down she turned on her back and looked at me but it looked as if she was looking through me. I haven’t gone back to sleep yet because I’m scared. She keeps turning on and off the light and looks at me without talking. Her hands shake as if she is trying to get my attention but she doesn’t speak. I try talking to her but she doesn’t respond to anything.

I just want to understand and know what I can do to help when and if this happens again. I don’t suffer from sleep apnea and i do not know much about the subject. Any help would be much appreciated <3

Update at 06:26: I got her to talk. She said that she didnt know if she was awake or not and so i did my very best to comfort and reassure her that she is awake and I am here and we are talking. She started panicking and shaking again and i kept tellin her that it was okay and I told her to take deep breathes with me. We did and we eventually got up to walk around the house and we moved to the family room. I’m still shaking from it and im holding back tears because a part of me felt like if i didn’t wake up she couldve choked and died next to me.

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