Ever since I got assaulted and had my left jaw fractured. I noticed many things wrong with me. I was diagnosed with TMJ and had problems with grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw a lot. I also witnessed that I no longer sleep with my mouth shut but sleep with my mouth open now. I never had sleep issues or snoring until I had jaw issues. My significant other has witnessed me breathing very loud, groaning/moaning, kicking, snoring, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, always waking up during my sleep, and having mood swings. During my questionnaire, the doctor asked if I ever felt drowsy or tired behind the wheel. I answered yes because I’ve caught myself drifting into the state of passing out at a traffic light and I have also fought trying to stay awake on the freeway. However, I never fell asleep behind the wheel, I would always catch myself. The doctor said I scored a 38/40 and is going to recommend me to get a sleep study done. However, there was one question that he asked I said no too. If I ever have episodes of not breathing for 10-30 seconds. After, I was given meds for my restless leg syndrome.

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