Hi all

I would like to understand more about the impact sleep apnea (and it’s treatment) has on one’s life.

I keep seeing in the sub treatment is life’s changing but how exactly? What’s the biggest impact treatment had on your life ?

What changed for you ?

What can you do now you couldn’t before ?

What did you feel before that prevented you do do those things?

For instance, right now, I don’t want kids only because I know I barely have the energy to take care of myself, barely managed being in a relationship, so I know I don’t have the energy to raise a kid.

I also thought about wanting to go back to school but I feel my concentration is so poor I would fail miserably.

Though, I would like to be able to do those things.

I want to know if sleep apnea treatment could make me want to do these things again.

Personal context (for those interested to read)

I always felt I was missing out on a lot of things I might have wanted to do I f I wasn’t feel so low on energy every-day in life.

I feel tired all the time, headaches in the morning, hard to focus and concentrate, sleep a lot on the weekend, never feel rested, snore like hell etc… To the point I stopped doing or wanting to do things in life for lack of energy.

I think I have sleep apnea and am waiting to get called back for my sleep study by the hospital.

I stopped hiking, I stopped doing hobbies, I stopped sport, I stopped seeing my friends, I am so low on energy all the time.

I feel hopeless right now, feeling like shit all the time. I feel like I am wasting my life.

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