I get 8+ hours a night of sleep. I cut out caffeine. I dont eat before bed. I have a good diet. I exercise. And yet every day for a long time now I wake up tired, irritable, feel depressed, find it hard to concentrate, feel slower, feel a haze over my eyes / brain fog. I’m 99% sure i’ve developed sleep apnea due to the thickness of my neck from powerlifting – the guys at the gym also have sleep apnea as a result. Another potential factor being my tiny nostrils. My girlfriend also wakes me up multiple times in the night due to my snoring.

I’m on the NHS waitlist to get tested for sleep apnea. Anyone else get tested for this on the NHS?

Secondly, what remedies can I do to sleep better? I already use a snore strips, sniff an inhaler before bed, wear an eye mask, have an expensive suitable pillow, cut out all blue light, I don’t drink or smoke, occasionally take melatonin and ZMA tablets.

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