For a really long time I’ve had issues with fatigue and always being tired. In the past year and a half I noticed that I wake up a lot during the night ~5 times. I don’t have any problems falling asleep, it’s more so just the waking up a lot.

I generally have ~9 hours of lights out, but I think due to poor quality I’m always tired.

I got a sleep study done last year and got diagnosed with mild sleep apnea ~12 AHI. Just got around to getting a CPAP and been using it about a week. Struggled with it at first, but starting to get more comfortable wearing it.

Last night I took a sleeping tablet (Trazadone) and I think I slept through the night without waking (at least from what I can tell) and wore the mask all night.

However I still feel WRECKED. I’m really scared that maybe it’s not sleep apnea causing the issues. What if it’s something else? I’m going to try not taking the Trazadone anymore in case its contributing to fatigue but I just cannot believe how tired I am today even though I think I got a solid 8 hours.

I really can’t continue like this. It’s hugely impacting my life 🙁

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