Hi guys,

After a long time suspecting I took a private OSA test at home via Philips (AliceNight One) and got diagnosed with a mild OSA with a AHI of 14.8. I had apnoeas/hypopnoeas lasting as long as 90 seconds and sP02 getting down to as low as 82%.

Anyway, i’m in UK and NHS is brutal and was told 18m waiting list so just bought my own APAP (philips dreamstation) and have been having it since Tuesday and actually find it pretty comfortable and do feel a bit better but it’s not been “life changing” like others experience.

The machine and DreamMapper app show that mask fit is good and but that i’m still having apnoeas and a AHI of around 2.5 which is low and sub-clinical but i see others manage to get theirs down to sub 0.5 and wondering if that would improve my symptoms?

Do i need to increase pressure? It starts at 4cm and average is 5cm which i think is low.

Any advices would be most welcome.


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