I have a full-shebang sleep test scheduled for next week. The dentist, head sleep doctor, and sleep NP are like 80% sure it’s UARS, so I’m operating on the assumption that three professionals are correct.

I’d like to gather some opinions from folks who have done either orthodontia, CPAP, BiPAP, or any combination of the three.

  • What’s your long-term treatment plan?

  • For folks with orthodontics: if you’re using removable devices, e.g. Vivos, why did you choose those instead of traditional attached devices?

  • How’d it go/how’s it going?

  • Are you seeing any differences in fatigue?

My background: both my upper and lower jaw are super narrow; my lower jaw is NOT receded/retrognathic but my upper jaw is underdeveloped. I had cosmetic braces 20 years ago, but no palate expansion because my jaw was only just a little small for a ten year old. I am no longer ten so now it’s just v small 🙁

Thank you in advance! Hope y’all are well, or at least on the way to wellness.

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