Hey y’all, about a month ago I discovered that I most likely have UARS thanks to my wonderful tongue tie. I have misdiagnosed myself as ADHD but did some research thanks to a redditor suggesting on the insonmia subreddit to check for symptoms of sleep apnea. I discovered one of risk factors is tongue tie, and I fit the symptoms for UARS to a T. Sadly, I’m also a teenager who’s healthcare is still controlled by my parents. It’s been frustrating seeing the mental decline that apnea causes, going from a hyperactive 7th grader to a lethargic 10th grader who cannot remember anything. I’ve brought it up to my parents, my father thinks I’m just using it as an excuse for my laziness and my mom thinks I’m just replicating the behaviors I see on the internet. COVID 19 has definitely made things harder but I was thinking my parents would at least agree to a in home test. I have no reason to lie, my parents have firsthandly seen me go from principals honor roll to getting Ds in my high school geometry class. I’ve had suicidal ideation thanks to my condition, and I will crash if I do not get help eventually. I can’t get a job because my parents dont want me to work in the COVID 19 epidemic. It’s like a seeing train about to crash, and yelling at the conductors, but they won’t do anything and by the time they would have realized it’s far too late. What can I do to convince my parents????

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