My life is a complete and utter mess. No self esteem, no productivity, extreme EDS, last time I held a job was 6 years ago and I was always fucking up which is why I quit. I’m struggling with managing my time enough to still struggle with holding down 9 units in school and I just can’t think constructively and concentrate all of the time even with the appropriate adhd meds.

With that out of the way, I was also recently diagnosed with mild obstruction sleep apnea and part of me is kissing the ground because I found a potential explanation why my psych problems have been so treatment resistant and a way to get better, the other half of me is cursing my existence because now I have another condition to point back to on why I’ve dropped the ball or ruined every opportunity in my life so far.

So I’m really anxious to find out how much of a change I should expect. This is really the last change I can sustain that I could expect ever radically improving the quality of my day to day life. I’ve already tried every pill on the market and for the most part they all suck. I have one of those light therapy glasses and so far they’ve only helped me wake up earlier in the day.

Here are my sleep results so you can guage my apnea profile:

  • TST: 4 hours 15 minutes
  • Lowest o2 stat: 85%
  • pRDI: 12.7
  • PAHI: 8.0

Thank you and have a nice day (and a productive nights rest)

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