The title essentially says it all!

I had a home sleep study through my doctor, that took forever. The results were… weird. My doctor thinks there may have been something wrong with my machine (tl;dr there are a lot of problems, but they were only concentrated in a one-hour time slot, which doesn’t make sense). She ordered me to repeat the study.

I’ve been waiting over two months to repeat the results, but quite honestly, I feel like butt. I ordered a LOFTA study already so I’d love to hear your experiences.

I’m a little nervous by the lack of nasal tubes, but we’ll see what happens. I’m wondering if it will be more accurate because its on my wrist. My last one belted around my chest which felt like it wasn’t the most accurate and it moved around a lot in my sleep (I am a woman so… not the easiest placement).

I’d love to hear your experience! I’m really hoping to stop waking up to my racing heart.

Edit: also, just wanted to thank this sub for posting about these 3rd party at home sleep tests. I’ve been struggling a lot with an autoimmune disorder, as well as sleep apnea (the former causing the latter). We’re slowly solving the autoimmune disorder and had a big step forward. And now being able to expedite this process via Lofta is a huge relief. I’m feeling optimistic about my health for the first time in awhile.

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