I just started on my CPAP Friday night, and my god. I don’t think I’ve ever actually slept a night in the last 15 years of my life until I started using it. I don’t “formally” set mine up til Tuesday (due to COVID and all that junk, mine was mailed to me and I have to wait for my teleconference appointment to set it up), but I followed all the instruction manuals and online tutorials I found and decided to test it out and see how it felt. I’m using a ResMed Airsense 10 Auto, and it has been amazing the last two nights. I signed up for my MyAir account and last night’s results showed that I only had .7 events per hour, compared to the 97.6 AHI I registered at with my sleep study. I’m mind-blown at how significant of a change it is with literally 2 nights of using it.

What are some of your all’s success stories with doing CPAP? Anything else awesome I should hopefully look forward to as I continue using it?

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