So I am 21 and have been struggling with sleep apnea for about the last 4 years when I realized I had significant brain fog and couldn’t concentrate. I was diagnosed with an AHI of around 50 I believe. I have had my tonsils out 2 years ago and don’t know how much that helped but I have had a CPAP machine for the past 4 years and it has barely gotten any use.. I have been on a grind recently to get it going and got a new mask that I seem to like (dreamwear full face) but previously I just typically fall asleep before I put it on or my machine is loud and bothers me( respironics dreamstation). When I use the cpap the machine says it takes my ahi to 1.5-4 so it seems to work exceptionally well when I use it.

My questions is regarding my symptoms, I feel like garbage all the time. I feel like my brain is always running at like 50% capacity. My reading is starting to become slower and more difficult. My math skills don’t seem to be what they used to be. And I have terrible word recollection. Memory sure isn’t what it used to be either.. sometimes I’m scared I have early onset dementia.

So has anyone experience some of these symptoms or know if it would be caused by that? I assume it seems feasible considering I’ve basically done 3 years of sleeping on low oxygen. I’m terrified of doing irreversible damage on myself so hopefully I start to feel some differences in the near future with my recent dedication to the cpap.

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