I’ve been on xPAP for 12 years. My AHIs on xPAP always say I’m treated (somewhere between 0 and 2, mostly ~.03 for a night). Started with mild. Got to severe. I was on modafinil for years and wonder sometimes if I should get back on it.

I finally bought myself an APAP (ResMed 10 Auto for Her) ~2 years ago and have been using that. My sleep still sucks and I wake up 1-2 times a night, but finally last year it got to a point where I don’t feel like complete shit during the day.

I’m writing because I was in the hospital with an infection in March and the machine they gave me for the night was the Resmed ASV. I woke up feeling like a million dollars. Soooooooo good. I haven’t felt that way since waking up from my first titration study. I thought maybe it was because the antibiotics had cleared the 6+ week infection up, but the ASV letters on that machine are always in the back of my head.

What would the ASV do that the Autoset wouldn’t? Or phrased another way, what could it have fixed for me? The Sleepyhead numbers were always 0-1 centrals a night.

Do you need a different prescription for an ASV?

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