TLDR: What’s the best in home sleep study? I don’t mind spending upwards of $500.

Looks like Lofta ($189) and isleephst ($249) use the watchpatch? if they use the same device why do they have such a big difference in price?

SingularSleep (295) uses the Alice NightOne which they claim is beter than the watchpat?

AXGSleepdiagnostics offers T3 ($335) and T2($499) but requires a dr’s order. Not an option as my Dr just retired and i haven’t gotten a new one yet.

Any other options i’m overlooking?

so here’s my background: skip if you don’t care.

I actually pay way too much for my health insurance and don’t have a high deductible plan.. I’m self employed and have to buy my own insurance… I actually sell insurance and i have a top tier plan. Issue is the only Insurance Co in my area only allows for one sleep study per lifetime! I have clients who have found this out the hard way.

I’d like to do an in home test and if the results indicate Apnea then maybe go through my doc/insurance before my deductible resets end of the year.

Back when i had great insurance under my old job I had a sleep study in my early 20s and it came out negative, but i was only asleep for a few hours and never got into a deep sleep, i can’t sleep well in strange places. We were at a teaching hospital and the doc seemed only interested in getting me in an experimental drug trial… I was so turned off i never went back. In retrospect i feel like i should have looked into it more, but whatever that was 15 years ago.

if i’m sleeping on my back i cant get to sleep. I will wake up as I’m dozing off unable to breathe and feeling like my throat relaxes and closes up. I have to sleep on my side. I’m told i snore. I’m 5’9″ 230#, 30ish bmi, with a 17.75″ neck. I’m not “obese”, i’m only around 18% body fat, but i’m a weight lifter so a lot of that weight is muscle.

I almost always wake up incredibly tired, feeling like i didn’t sleep at all, regardless of how long I sleep, i will frequently awaken in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep for at least an hour. Typically have less energy than most people around me, and only get through the day with copious amounts of caffeine. My dad had sleep apnea, no idea if there’s a genetic component?

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